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Innovator Tube is a video series hosted by Sarah Yvonne Elsser that offers insights on innovation, exponential technologies and organizational cultures of the new normal. Insights that are inspiring, educational & human-centered.

The power of networks in times of crisis...

Networking is important – yes, we all know that! That’s why we’re on social media. That’s why we’ve been on a lot of events and we’ve handed out as many business cards as possible. Networking at its best – job done! But how is networking possible in times like these, where physical events aren’t possible? Where a lot of people have to deal with uncertainty in their jobs? Where no one’s brave enough to build up new things, to reach out to others to develop something?

We’re missing a high potential of business development power if we’re not using networking in the right way. Especially in times of crisis, a well running network could save money, helps to develop new solutions and – worst case – helps to survive. At least that’s what we’ve learned in the Interview with Harald Neidhardt, Founder of Futur/io.

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